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Secret Aardvark

We are proud to be the Europe’s exclusive distributor of one of the best American hot sauces there are. Secret Aardvark is one of the highest rated hot sauces in the states and will definitely be a hit in your store as well.

Straight outta NYC comes one of our favourite hot sauce brands of all times: Queen Majesty hot sauce. Amazing flavour and perfect heat is what Erica is delivering us from the Big Apple. Pure quality.

More brands

Raijmakers Heetmakers

The Dutch hot sauces that combines flavour, heat and looks. The medicin for both you and your food.

Raijmakers Heetmakers has 4 different flavours, ranging from mild to very hot.

Their Heat Enhancer with Chipotle, Habanero & Whiskey won 1st place for Best Hot Sauce at the German Chilli Awards 2019.

Bravado Spice Co.

One of the bigger brands in the USA with some award winning flavours.

Bravado has been featured in Hot Ones for three times already. Flavours that were on the show are their Ghost Pepper & Blueberry, Black Garlic & Carolina Reaper and Aka Miso.

Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce

This company has 4 flavours, but Dick’s Hot Pepper Sauce with a Tropical Twist is by far the most popular of them all. People love it for the perfect combination of heat and tropical sweetness. It also was on one of the first seasons of Hot Ones.

Dawson’s hot sauce

This Canadian brand (Ontario) produces high quality sauces. Their range consists of around 8 sauces and they build up from mild to very hot. Don’t expect average flavours, because Dawson’s really has some unique flavours available.

Dawson’s Shawarma and Dawson’s Original also were on Hot Ones, so they are pretty famous already.

La Pimenterie

Another Canadian brand, but this time from Montréal is La Pimenterie. Speaking about unique flavours, this brand might be king in this respect. Expect a lot of beer themed hot sauces and other special flavours. Their range consist of around 8+ sauces.

Hellfire hot sauces

Another very popular American brand is Hellfire hot sauces. They make some of the hottest ‘all natural’ hot sauces in the game and have been featured on Hot Ones multiple times. Their most popular sauces are Fiery Fool and Fear This.

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